Navigating the Intersection of Construction Cameras and Data Privacy

In today’s interconnected world, data has become a valuable asset and with this increased reliance on data comes new legislation to protect individuals’ privacy and ensure responsible data handling practices.  […]

The Future of Construction is Digital: How Community Forums and Summits Are Driving Change

The construction industry is at a crossroads. On one side, there’s the traditional approach, characterized by manual processes, siloed teams, and a reactive mindset. On the other side, there’s the […]

Evercam Drone: Redefining Progress Monitoring and Visibility in Project Management

In the last decade, technological advancements have significantly reshaped various industries, and the construction sector stands as a prime example of this transformation. Among the myriad technologies that have made […]

Evercam Launches “BIM Heroes” Podcast to Explore How Tech is Elevating Construction

[Dublin, Ireland. August 14th 2023] Evercam, a leading provider of site construction reality capture and visualization solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of its newest venture, the “BIM Heroes” […]

The Benefits of Evercam’s X-ray Tool for Quality Control and Project Monitoring

Imagine being able to go anywhere on your job-site, choose a spot, and peel back the veil of time to see any historic stage in the project. Well, I have […]

Echelon’s Data Centres Sustainable Construction Revolution: Powered by Evercam’s Reality Capture Technology

Introduction Evercam, a frontrunner in the construction technology space, has been instrumental in providing innovative solutions for Echelon’s Data Centres ambitious DUB10 project in Dublin. This project commenced with land […]

How is Reality Capture Shaping Health and Safety Adherence?

In the world of construction, prioritising health and safety is not just a requirement but an absolute necessity. The industry is fraught with potential hazards, and ensuring the safety of […]

How Reality Capture & BIM Integration Enhance Construction Efficiency

Reality capture bolsters efficient collaboration and effective project management. The adoption of such advanced technologies has driven these significant changes. By employing reality capture, a remarkable 30% reduction in project […]

Reality Capture: Streamlining Workflows and Elevating Outcomes in Construction

In the world of construction, every project is a testament to the delicate balance of planning, communication, coordination, and execution. even the smallest oversight can lead to substantial delays and […]

Innovation in the Built Environment: Harnessing the Power of Reality Capture with Evercam

Introduction: The annual Digital Construction Week provides industry players with insights into the advancements and progress of digitalization within the construction industry. Innovation has always been the fundamental element of […]

5 Ways of Full Video Recordings Benefit Risk and Insurance Management on Construction Sites

Construction sites can be hazardous, unpredictable environments that can lead to accidents, injuries, or fatalities. In fact, according to OSHA, the “Fatal Four” causes of fatalities in the workplace are […]

Dissecting Technology’s Shortcomings in the Construction Sector & The Open Source Alternative

The construction industry is often considered to be one of the slowest industries to adopt new technologies. Despite the abundance of innovative technologies available, the construction sector has remained largely […]

Why You Need Full Video Recordings of Your Construction Site.

As a project manager, quantity surveyor, H&S manager, or company director, have you ever faced challenges on a construction site that was hard to keep track of or required expensive […]

Meet Evercam’s New VP of Sales: Anton Marinovich, Bringing Expertise in Reality Capture and Site Monitoring

We are thrilled to announce that Anton Marinovich is joining Evercam as our new Vice President of Sales for the USA region! With a wealth of experience in the construction […]

Building for the Future: A Sustainable Construction Case Study with DB Schenker

Introduction DB Schenker, a leading logistics company, recently completed the construction of a 220,000-square-foot facility. The facility, located at the Liffey Business Campus in Leixlip, Co. Kildare, was designed to […]

Women In Construction

The construction industry has been a male-dominated field for decades. However, with changing times and the need for diversity and inclusivity, the industry is gradually moving towards greater gender balance. […]

5 Ways to Reduce Project Risk Using Evercam’s Drone View

While every project is unique, many construction projects run into the same kinds of issues that can slow down progress or cause harm to workers on the ground. In the […]

Evercam chosen to bring visibility and support to American Foods Group’s project in Missouri.

Evercam were selected by American Foods Group to provide visibility on the construction of their $800 million manufacturing facility in Warren County, Missouri. New York, March 15th 2023 Evercam Construction […]

Reality Capture and the Power of Drones: An In-Depth Look

Reality capture is a rapidly growing field that is changing the way we view and interact with the physical world of construction. It refers to the process of digitizing the […]

Drone View Is Here!

We’re always looking to see what we can do to make improvements here at Evercam and lately, we’ve been quite busy! We thought it was about time that we update […]

10 Ways How Construction Cameras Can Reduce Risk & Protect Margins

Construction cameras are an increasingly popular tool for construction managers looking to improve safety. By providing real-time documentation and monitoring of projects, construction cameras can help avoid costly delays, manage […]

How Reality Capture Cameras Are Changing Data Centre Construction

Data centre projects are large-scale undertakings that require significant financing investments. These projects involve the construction of specialized facilities that are designed to support the storage, processing, and distribution of […]

Top 10 Construction Time-lapse Videos of 2022

Even if you haven’t worked on the project, watching a time-lapse video can provide inspiration and pride for what construction teams can achieve together. That’s why we’ve compiled 10 of […]

De-Risk Projects with Visual Data

Construction projects are becoming more complex, while the timeframes to complete them are shortening. Despite the many precautions that are typically taken during the planning and execution of a construction […]

Evercam’s new 4D View, powered by iTwin, improves collaboration with easier access to real-time videos and project design data

Evercam 4D View helps project teams leverage engineering data to communicate project plans to all stakeholders  Dublin, Ireland – December 13, 2022 – Evercam is pleased to announce the addition […]

The Ultimate Guide to Construction Tech in 2023

There has never been a stronger need for innovation and technological adoption in the construction industry than it is right now. Young professionals have an important role to play in […]

Top Construction Time-Lapse of the Month – November 2022

Check out some of the best time-lapse videos produced by the Evercam video team this month, capturing construction progress from a range of projects across the globe. Waterside Chesterfield – […]

IoT for Risk Reduction in Construction

The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly transforming every industry, as it merges our physical and digital worlds. With the prevalence of wireless networks and affordable digital chips, almost any […]

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Pro Videos of Your Construction Project 

In recent years, time-lapse videos have been extremely popular in the construction sector both as documentation and marketing tools. On the other hand, there has been an increasing need or […]

A Quick Guide To Construction Cameras: The Tool That Benefits Your Entire Organisation

When it comes to cameras, our thought process instantly zooms in on the hardware and functionality aspects of what cameras mean to us: tools to capture images/videos. Evercam aims to […]