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4 Pioneering BIM Trends with Evercam

4 Pioneering BIM Trends with Evercam

Navigating the dynamic ecosystem of Building Information Modeling (BIM), we stand on the precipice of several transformative trends set to redefine the industry. These trends – the integration of drone technology, the rise of cloud collaboration, the incorporation of the Internet of Things (IoT), and the burgeoning use of Augmented Reality (AR) – signal an exciting shift in the construction and project management paradigm. In the midst of this transformative period, we find Evercam, not merely adapting to change but actively participating in shaping the future trajectory of BIM.

4 BIM Trends infographic

Drone Usage in BIM

The advent of drones has profoundly impacted the construction industry, offering unparalleled viewpoints for site inspections, land surveying, and progress tracking. Evercam, acknowledging the potential of this technology, has integrated drones into project management processes.

Evercam’s Drone feature offers a range of functionalities that enhance project visualization and analysis. It allows users to view 3D models within their real environment, as well as switch to 2D mode instantly, providing flexibility for project stakeholders. This feature supports the viewing of various assets such as BIM models, previous drone flights, and architectural plans, enabling easy asset comparison between different dates and times.

Screenshot of Evercam drone footage

Drone View offers a user-friendly tagging system that lets users quickly and easily create annotations or tags on the model to highlight important information such as restricted or dangerous areas. This feature is particularly useful for project managers and other stakeholders who need to quickly identify specific areas of the construction site for further attention or action.

Cloud Collaboration

Evercam’s integrations extend to Autodesk’s 360, making it more convenient than ever to access your project cameras. With Evercam Live View embedded, you can easily access all your Evercam features, including Live streaming, X-ray view, BIM Compare, and Gate Report, all in one place.

This integration provides a unified platform for architects, engineers, and construction professionals to view real-time and recorded footage from the job site and compare images with BIM models using the BIM Compare features. This streamlines the process of monitoring project progress and decision-making, significantly reducing potential errors and misunderstandings.

Evercam BIM compare of the BIM model vs actual construction

The combination of Bentley’s iTwin platform and Autodesk’s BIM 360 with Evercam’s capabilities brings a new level of efficiency and accuracy to the BIM process. By offering real-time visual data, enhanced team communication, and a unified platform for accessing project data, Evercam’s integrations with these leading software tools foster greater collaboration and improved project outcomes, demonstrating its strength in construction project management.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The integration of IoT in construction sites is a rapidly emerging trend, and Evercam has risen to this challenge. By interfacing with other IoT devices, Evercam’s cameras do more than capture images; they serve as critical data collection points.

The weather feature as part of Evercam IoT integration

Through IoT integration, Evercam can monitor variables like weather conditions, traffic throughput, and project progress. This comprehensive data collection and analysis improve resource allocation, project management, and potential issue identification.

With Evercam’s seamless integration with existing construction project management tools like Procore and Aconex, the adoption of its features into the BIM process becomes even more effortless. The integration of IoT and the use of features like Gate Report contribute to a more data-rich, accurate, and ultimately, more effective BIM 4D process.

By identifying all vehicles entering and exiting the site and logging their activity, the Gate Report contributes critical information regarding material movement and site logistics. This data, combined with 4D BIM, helps with improved resource allocation, efficient project management, and timely identification and mitigation of potential issues, ultimately enhancing project outcomes.

Digital Twins

Evercam’s 4D View powered by iTwin combines high-quality video footage from the construction site with a digital twin, allowing users to seamlessly switch between the model and reality, track changes, and communicate project plans.

This addresses the challenge of managing vast amounts of project data by integrating it with 4D planning, scheduling, and analysis capabilities. Evercam 4D View democratizes access to BIM models, allowing all project team members to share and interact with the model within the Evercam platform. With the ability to highlight elements from the 3D model, leveraging the capabilities of the iTwin Platform, Evercam promotes virtual collaboration, increases efficiencies in communication and provides a premise for faster change orders where need be 

Evercam’s visionary approach to aligning with current trends in the  BIM world is not merely a response; it’s a proactive shaping of the industry’s future. By ingeniously leveraging drone technology, cloud collaboration, IoT, 4D integration and Digital Twins, Evercam is enhancing the efficiency, safety, and success of construction projects.

By incorporating cutting-edge technologies, Evercam is paving the way for a more productive and innovative construction industry. Through its commitment to staying ahead of industry trends, Evercam remains dedicated to providing much-needed solutions that align with the evolving needs of the BIM industry. Contact us today and discover how your construction project can benefit from our innovative reality capture solutions.