Erika Gomes
Construction Time-lapse – How it Started How it’s Going

Construction Time-lapse – How it Started How it’s Going

Construction Time-lapse, Looking at the past and the present became looking into the future. Where we were, where we are, where will we be.

How we Started – Communications 

From day one, we started with marketing and communications. For the last few years, construction companies have adopted cameras to provide marketing content on how a building comes together. Time-lapse photography is a great way to showcase the building process itself. 

Years ago we started our journey building a solution for the construction industry that takes this a step further with the addition of live & recorded video. Images and videos available anytime to any mobile device.  We proved it true time-lapse & live cameras help more than just the marketing team. The right tools in the right hands of the right people. Marketing tools became project management tools, project management tools became dispute avoidance tools. 

The compare tool by Evercam
The compare tool by Evercam

Good project management means good communication. We have all been in a meeting that should have been an email Evercam is the email that saves time in project collaboration. Stakeholders, clients, contractors can have access to the same pictures on their phone, the conversation can move on quicker. Monthly project reports were brought to life with images from Evercam. 

How it’s Going – Construction Cameras … now with AI

We have been working on our product and perfecting our technology. Our software offers a lot of value and unique features to our clients. 

Believe it or not, we started our video analytics product counting geese. It was Brent Goose season in Ireland and thanks to the computer vision team we have saved hundreds of man-hours by analysing the 5 months worth of video to count max numbers, average numbers and peak days and times for several sites across the country.

Strictly speaking, this was a deviation from our construction focus but if you can count geese you can count anything. 

What should we count? We asked our customers. Challenge accepted and we started playing in our office.

Object detection by Evercam construction camera software
Object detection by Evercam construction camera software

Object detection and tracking trucks: we are building tools that capture the big picture and extract the relevant details using AI & machine learning, the objective is to give our customers the complete overview of the status of your project. 

Right now trucks are tracked from the moment they enter the site till they leave 10 classes of trucks are tracked separately.

Evercam AI powered construction time lapse

Where Will We Be – The Future!

It is true cameras are getting better.  AI is getting better. Our AI team is getting better at delivering reports and our research team is getting better at grasping what our customers need to know. We keep customer feedback in the loop and we work where they make decisions.

Machine learning adds intelligence to our construction time-lapse cameras. Our focus is to help project managers, constructors and engineers to get to the real-time data and to see what is actually happening on site at the moment. 

We’re ready to lead you into the future of construction cameras.