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Evercam & DigiFed StorAIge Application Experiment

Evercam & DigiFed StorAIge Application Experiment

digifed fund, two way integration between evercam and propergate

We are happy to announce that Evercam has been awarded €50k, EU funding provided through DigiFed, to develop an innovative smart solution for construction market leaders. For this 12 month project, Evercam is partnering with ProperGate to automate delivery and logistics processes on-site with visual evidence.

ProperGate is a Polish company that offers a smart logistics collaboration platform that optimizes material delivery management, and on-site transport on complex construction projects. The company develops high-level workflows for scheduling and mapping the logistics on-site, linking tasks to assigned people – system users.

Evercam is a leader in construction cameras, offering a comprehensive system that overlooks the entire site and extracts relevant details. We provide our construction customers with verification tools based on images and videos, improving their visibility of the site. We know that material delivery and its appropriate storage are complex, largely manual, and thus, error-prone processes. Limited visibility and inefficient planning can lead to misunderstandings, waste, costly delays, and disputes. With construction cameras installed on-site, project management is eased as stakeholders can track the progress, communicate effectively and collect valuable proof of events.

We look forward to spending the rest of this year on building experimental two-way integration between Evercam and ProperGate which will enable users to not only monitor site activities but also track material deliveries and control their storage. The proposed integration will enhance ProperGate’s smart logistics plans and delivery records with Evercam visual evidence. The developed workflows will optimize the repeatable operations on construction sites and provide the project stakeholders with true insights helping them default to best practices and make the right decisions at the right time.

This project will open up new avenues in automated logistics management on construction sites, contributing to the enhancement of this industry’s innovation capacity. Upon successful completion, the integrated system will support its users – logistics personnel, planners, schedulers, site management, in monitoring material deliveries and managing storage on construction sites, increasing the overall transparency and accountability, providing tangible benefits in productivity and sustainability for the construction sector. 

Among the construction stakeholders that will benefit from this project are logistics planners and managers on site. With a centralized system for smart site management, planners will be able to schedule deliveries in line with realistic site needs, booking trucks for the exact and correct day and time. These controlled deliveries will hereby help construction companies to comply with city regulations of sustainable mobility, reducing road congestion and carbon emissions. Optimized logistics processes, supported with visual evidence and computer vision automation, will help to identify costs that fall outside of the project scope. According to ScienceDirect, as much as 30% of all building materials delivered to a typical construction site end up being wasted, often due to damage, loss, or over-ordering. This integrated system will help reduce these statistics thanks to proper planning and documentation. 

Evercam’s construction camera systems will improve project visibility and team communication, decrease dependence on personnel on-site, reduce the bottlenecks at the entry gate, ensuring prompt delivery collection on-site thereby increasing construction productivity 

At Evercam, the number one priority is to build useful products that bring value to our customers.  Our software began with a foundation focused on construction time-lapse and has since then evolved into an integral tool for our customers. We have developed every feature by asking our customers the question “What problem can we help you solve?”

This latest advancement in our software improves project visibility and team communication, decreases dependence on personnel on-site, reduces the bottlenecks at the entry gate, ensures prompt delivery collection on-site thereby increasing construction productivity.

More posts on this topic coming up as the work progresses over the coming months!