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How Digital Construction Week ’22 Went Down

How Digital Construction Week ’22 Went Down

Technology that powers the built environment has continually evolved at a rapid rate, which is why Digital Construction Week 2022 had a high attendance of professionals who want to future-proof their business by checking out the latest technology on the scene. 

This year, over 150 companies showcased the latest tech, tools, and solutions to revolutionize the built environment. We were excited to showcase our latest developments with our software and discuss the solutions we are bringing to the table with our customers and peers in the industry.  This year our main focus was discussing the integrations between reality capture, BIM, and digital twins, and the benefits that have for project teams.

Marco Herbst, Evercam CEO took to the stage to preview Evercam’s latest product, “4D View” which combines real-time, high-quality video footage of the job site with a digital twin. 4D View allows users to share and visualize a BIM model within Evercam and easily switch between the model and a live camera view. 

Evercam Digital Construction Week Team at ExCeL London
Evercam DCW Team at ExCeL London

Marco was also featured as part of the Enterprise Ireland panel discussion “A step change In CX and Collaborative Innovation”. furthermore, other panelists that were in session include; John Hunt who is the overseas lead for construction at Enterprise Ireland, overseeing investment and trade in construction services and technologies across 40 overseas offices. John has a great interest in improving productivity and outcomes through digital, offsite manufacturing, and low carbon solutions across verticals as diverse as high-tech manufacturing and ultra-low energy housing, Paul Stone, a Product Strategist at Flowforma where the company provides a digital process automation tool that uniquely combines forms, workflow and document generation in one integrated tool and Mohaidin Ahmed a Digital Change Manager at Bouygues Energies & Services UK. Mohaidin, working in the digital transformation team, believes that it is important to provide employees with solutions with the easiest implementation and fastest route to adoption.

Digitization has proven that we are at a stage where professionals can design, construct and monitor construction projects collaboratively without physical presence. Through innovation, the industry is constantly being presented with new technological advancements which aim to aid activities in the industry. moreover, it is becoming more apparent that there is a need to digitally transform the built environment to match the ever-growing challenges such as the housing shortage crisis, climate change, and the most recent case of a global pandemic. 

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