Newsletter – October Update

Newsletter – October Update

ESS Modular showcase innovative house build at Offsite Expo 2019

ESS Modular two-bed home was a major attraction at the Offsite Expo in Coventry.

The company demonstrated its innovation and expertise in residential modular construction, by installing a two-bedroom home in the Ricoh Arena in less than two days!

The company demonstrated its innovation and expertise in residential modular construction, by installing a two-bedroom home in the Ricoh Arena in less than two days!

The house was constructed and fully fitted out in the ESS Modular precision manufacturing facility in less than 4 weeks and transported to the exhibition centre where it was visited by thousands of delegates during the course of the show.And the time-lapse video was featured on specialist industry sites and has 10K views on LinkedIn.

Check out the time-lapse video of the construction & installation.

Projects of the Month

Beaumont Nursing Home

Property group Bartra Capital has commenced construction of its new 221-bed nursing home in Artane in Dublin.

The Beaumont Nursing Home will accommodate patients across the spectrum of residential healthcare needs, including Alzheimer’s/dementia care as well as respite, rehabilitation, convalescence and daycare needs.

Holiday Inn – Hammersmith

The construction of the new Hammersmith Holiday Inn is well underway.

Elliott Group has built upwards of 2,000 hotel bedrooms in recent years together with a host of leisure centres both public and private.

#CIFConference 2019

Thanks to everyone who came to visit us at the CIF Conference and had a chat with Tammy Bennett and Vinnie Quinn. 

We had a great day with interesting discussions with conference attendees about the importance of having on-site cameras for project management and content production.

Next Events

Have a look at some upcoming events that we’re exhibiting that may be of interest to you.

UK Digital Construction Week (16th & 17th October 2019)
Construction & Building Technologies Singapore & Philippines (4th to 10th November 2019)
London Build Expo (27th & 28th November 2019)

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You could use your existing CCTV supplier, or one of our Channel Partners, including Permanex, Protector Group and Deca Solutions.

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