PhD Research Position: AI, Storage, Analytics, Distributed Systems.

PhD Research Position: AI, Storage, Analytics, Distributed Systems.

Evercam is planning on taking advantage of a new scheme whereby an overseas PhD level candidate is supported to work together with an Irish research institution to work on R&D tasks of relevance to our business objectives.

This is a 3 year position with a good salary and is explicitly for a candidate who has been working outside of Ireland who wishes to work and live in Ireland. To be eligible, the candidate must have either a PhD or at least 4 years of relevant research experience.

There are 3 fields in which we are interested in progressing our open source video software platform.


Currently, we are storing several hundred TB of jpeg images. There is enormous opportunity to optimise this by taking advantage of recent progress in this field by companies such as Google (and here), Dropbox Flickr. Our current storage system is based on WeedFS a Golang implementation of Haystack.


Recent progress in the field combined with some solid business use cases that currently sit on our desk have ignited our enthusiasm to go further. We’ve got pretty good data and some pretty exciting challenges.

Distributed Systems / Edge Processing

The current Evercam architecture consists of a Camera or NVR connected to our Media Server. All clients (Mobile, Web) communicate with the media server. We would like now to move to a more distributed architecture, leveraging the fact that we already are using an Erlang/OTP based language (Elixir), to solve tasks such as: Secure, minimal-configuration networking, Peer to Peer streaming (WebRTC), edge processing (using CUDA?) and more.

The deadline for this application is the end of March, so we are urgently looking to discuss this with any suitable applicants. Please email for more information.