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SISK Digital Project Delivery with Evercam

SISK Digital Project Delivery with Evercam

 Shared Innovation

As one of Europe’s leading construction companies, John Sisk and Son are setting a standard of excellence through their use of innovative construction methodologies on their projects across the globe. Sisk ensures that their project delivery team is equipped with the right tools both on and off site to guarantee a high standard of productivity and communication 

Sisk plays a key role in the development of modern Ireland and continues to lead some of the most iconic building projects and deliver homes, major road and rail infrastructure projects.

As part of the company’s digital first approach to construction project management, construction cameras have now become an integral part of SISK’s daily operations on the main projects. Evercam ensures better work practices by streamlining & reviewing current ones and our software gives SISK the data needed to increase productivity on site.

As part of our digital transformation journey we have a laser focused approach towards introducing new innovative technology solutions into our business to improve our overall project delivery and Evercam is a solution that has real benefits for our projects. Cillian Kelly – Head of Digital Project Delivery Ireland & Europe / CSD

Information management 

Having a common data environment with the right information management processes is paramount to successfully managing  a construction project. Evercam is just one of many tools used by Sisk to capture field data and relay that information back to the CDE to maintain a full historical record of progress footage. Evercam software integrates with CDEs, project management software and BIM models – keeping the right data easily accessible to those who need it. 

BIM Integration

Sisk have access to Building Information Models (BIM) across their projects and this allows Evercam to have a comparison feature “BIM Compare” at different stage of the project with the use of federated 3D design BIM and 4D construction sequence to track and monitor progress of planned vs actual progress onsite.  

One Wilton Park - BIM Compare
(One Wilton Park – BIM Compare)

Smart Project Controls

Logistics & Project Management 

Construction is a slow and gradual process which means it can be more effective to communicate progress with images. Having a visual reference can minimize the amount of miscommunication-driven conflict within the team. Sisk encourage a smart project controls using images for effective communication to all teams involved including HQ and investors.

A series of images and recordings from the camera footage help to plan weekly lookahead meetings and the setup of whiteboard meetings for visual communication for all teams. There is no need to constantly visit the site to verify or inspect the work in person. 

sisk using edit tool from evercam project management cameras
Evercam Edit Tool

With the construction camera setup, Sisk can make sure that the work is finished before getting on the road and doing the in-person inspection. The footage can ensure social distancing and planning for changes to site (eg. new safe routes).  Equally, video clips can be used to showcase best practice and unsafe practice for specific tasks.

For instance, Bonham Quay & Distillers used Evercam at interactive whiteboard meetings, mark ups logistics, and endless data extracted from it.

sisk using edit tool and measure tool from evercam

Data Analysis & Reporting


Our software gives Sisk the data they need to increase productivity on site. The Gate Report feature is being used on a few projects. The tool combines AI and machine learning with visuals to create a log of all vehicles entering/exiting the site and gives Sisk a breakdown report by identifying the vehicles such as concrete truck & truck type.

Trajectory of vehicle is also considered to allow for reversing in/out and it logs vehicle duration on site. The Gate Report in-app & report is designed to help to reduce costs, delays and disputes onsite empowering Sisk Digital Project Delivery.

Gate report in sisk construction project

Continuous Improvement

Having data and video footage of everything that happens on site, always empowers Sisk to build a culture of continuous improvement. Construction sites can be dangerous places, and Sisk enforces best practices on all of their projects to protect those working on their sites. Of course, accidents and security incidents are unavoidable and in the event of an incident occurring, Sisk have had full access to the single source of truth – 4K video recordings. Since 2018, Evercam has provided 33 high quality, close up videos of events that happened on sites requiring an investigation. Creating synergy between site and head office teams, Evercam has been a central communication tool for this purpose.

Owning the 4K video footage allows the team to review an incident from their site and develop a plan to avoid it happening again.

Energy Consumption

With rising demand for a reduction in construction’s environmental impact John Sisk & Sons are constantly looking towards finding new and innovative ways to enhance energy efficiency and have achieved a 42% reduction in energy consumption since 2015.

Data collected by SISK during the construction of their Cherrywood development indicated differences in energy consumption between two different sites. A graph between energy usage during operational hours and out-of-operational hours usually shows little difference between energy usage. The baseload (ratio of average out of hours consumption to peak consumption) for Cherrywood was very high – at 50%.

Sisk’s energy management team was able to investigate the cause of excess energy consumption out of hours by accessing the recordings collected by Evercam cameras and comparing them to their energy meter reports. The issue was raised with the project team who were able to determine that there was an issue with the lighting controls. This problem was resolved to prevent further energy waste.

report from sisk time lapse camera site B

The Evercam  Construction Cameras are a brilliant aid in the successful  Management of our projects. It allows us to Monitor projects, where we can streamline current practices and ensure activities are closely tracked to ensure they  are carried out in a Safe and Productive manner.

Victor OShea, Regional Engineering Associate

Community engagement 

Bespoke videos highlighting key milestones are created by our in-house video editors to help Sisk to inform the public about the latest project updates. The time-lapse material from the camera footage is integrated with CGI images, 3D BIM models and drone videography to give a complete overview of the project and to announce project milestones. The video content is also used for the digital display screens on the project and HQ. 

Bonham Quay sunrise

SISK & Evercam – Shared Innovation 

Sisk have used Evercam construction cameras on their projects since 2018. To date, Sisk and Evercam have collaborated on over 20 construction projects and there are currently over 300 Sisk employees using Evercam software on a daily basis. A question we at Evercam always ask our customers is “What problems can we help you solve?”. This conversation and feedback happening between Evercam and Sisk since our first projects together has helped us to develop useful, practical products that industry leaders like Sisk can use in their daily site management processes.