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Voices of Evercam: Meet Fionn Hurley – APAC Sales Manager

Voices of Evercam: Meet Fionn Hurley – APAC Sales Manager

“An unexpected safety incident shifted my mind about Construction Technology”


Fionn Hurley’s career in the construction industry mirrors the sector’s landscape: diverse, dynamic, and driven by innovation. As the Sales Manager of APAC, he discusses the changing construction markets. He also shares his experiences with new technologies and client engagement in different areas.

His experience in construction, combining technical knowledge and marketing skills, provides insights into adapting to challenges in the field. Follow through as Fionn shares insights from his career path, highlighting the importance of adaptability and strategic thinking in today’s construction industry.

What aspects of the construction industry captivate you most?

I like the industry for its straightforward people and the challenge of big projects. It’s always changing, with lots of different skills and machines. I’m into how varied the skills, machinery, and construction work are.

Fionn Hurley of Evercam at a construction site working on safety incident

From your perspective what key abilities set apart successful professionals in the construction industry?

The capacity to get things done efficiently and the ability to navigate through the project complexities without overcomplicating processes. Successful professionals in this industry are those who can execute.




Who has been a significant inspiration in your career?

My father has been a major inspiration due to his extensive experience in business. Colleagues at Evercam, especially in the early days with Vinnie Quinn and Tammy Bennett, with their wealth of knowledge and support, have also contributed to my professional development.

Fionn Hurley of Evercam at work

How do you handle the challenge of dealing with different construction sectors?

My strategy revolves around understanding universal issues in construction projects: communication, disputes, safety incident, and health and safety. Regardless of the project typeā€”residential, commercial, or industrialā€”we emphasize how our solutions streamline the process for everyone involved.

Could you share a moment from your career that had a significant impact?

Early in my career, a safety incident occurred at a client’s construction site. They urgently needed to understand what happened. Our construction cameras provided the necessary footage for their investigation.

This experience was eye-opening for me. It showed Evercam technology’s role in ensuring safety and accountability. It emphasized the importance and impact of our high-frame-rate recording in construction.

Fionn Hurley with fellow Evercam colleagues discussing safety incidentCould you share with us your career progression within Evercam?

Sure thing! I started in the Irish team, honing my skills there. Then, I joined the UK team, where I took on bigger challenges. Now I’m with the APAC team, leading them as Sales Manager.

Each move up the ladder has been a leap in experience and learning. It has been a journey of growing, leading, and getting to know the ins and outs of this industry.

What challenges do markets face in adopting new construction technologies?

The key challenge in adopting new construction technologies is the reluctance to move away from traditional methods. Despite Australia and Singapore’s openness to new technologies, there remains a significant learning curve and the need to overcome initial hesitation.

Balancing the introduction of innovative solutions with existing practices and overcoming the mindset of doing things the ‘old way’ are significant challenges in these markets.

Fionn Hurley at Evercam booth at a construction event discussing safety incident on construction

What are your hobbies outside of work, and do they influence your professional life?

I’m a big fan of soccer and GAA. It’s not just about staying fit; there’s something about winning, the teamwork, and the thrill of the game that I just love. Interestingly, Evercam sponsors the team I play with, Randwick City FC.

This involvement in sports has taught me resilience and a competitive edge, which are essential for dealing with professional setbacks and challenges.

Fionn Hurley of Evercam playing soccer

Evercam is actually one of the sponsors for the current team I play with, Randwick City FC.

Fionn Hurley with Evercam colleagues

Fionn’s insights show that combining market know-how and tech advances can push the construction industry forward. His experiences not only underscore the innovative approach of his work but also highlight the importance of client relationships and strategic thinking in navigating the construction landscape.

As the industry forges ahead, Fionn’s perspectives reinforce the value of embracing change, leveraging technology, and maintaining a focus on client needs. Fionn’s story stands as a clear example of the extraordinary outcomes that can be achieved through a blend of expertise, forward thinking, and a deep commitment to meeting the evolving demands of the construction industry. Connect with Fionn andĀ  see how you can implement tech solutions in your next construction projectĀ