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Voices of Evercam: Sara Deacy – Senior Customer Success Manager

Voices of Evercam: Sara Deacy – Senior Customer Success Manager

How an enthusiastic user becomes a senior customer success manager

Starting her career with a strong interest in renovating properties, her journey shows how embracing innovation has helped shape a more welcoming, efficient, and modern sector. As Sara moved from architecture into construction she faced the challenges of working in a field mostly dominated by men with courage, highlighting the important role of technology in the industry.

Sara Deacy of Evercam at construction site

Can you share your journey in the construction industry and how you ended up in the technology sector?

Certainly! My construction journey started with an interest in home renovations after purchasing a couple of properties myself. This passion led me to pursue architecture at university, although I soon realized it wasn’t the perfect fit.

Transitioning to a part-time construction course while working full-time felt more practical and aligned with my life at the time. Since then, I’ve worked with various companies. These include BAM, John Holland, and Bouygues. Eventually, I landed in my current role with Evercam.

What skills do you believe are essential for success within the construction industry?

Relationship-building has been the most relevant throughout my career. Whether it’s with colleagues, clients, or stakeholders, effective communication and building connections are key. Also, continually updating my knowledge and skills have been fundamental in successfully transitioning between roles and companies.

Can you share your perspective on women’s roles in the construction industry?

I’ve always been quite passionate about increasing opportunities for women in construction. While I personally haven’t faced significant challenges or discrimination, there has been a lingering stigma around women in the industry.

One major obstacle for many women, including myself, is the challenge of balancing construction jobs with family responsibilities, especially when raising young children. Working on-site as a single parent, juggling drop-offs and pick-ups, proved to be challenging. This was a significant factor in my decision to join our team. Evercam made it possible for me to be on multiple construction projects from home

Sara Deacy of Evercam and her son

Could you share your experience with Women in Construction organizations and their impact on the industry?

My experience with NAWIC, the National Association of Women in Construction, while I lived in Australia was incredibly positive. It provides support for women in the industry, offering opportunities for networking, mentorship, and professional education.

Through NAWIC, I’ve had the opportunity to build amazing connections, share experiences, and access resources for professional development.


Sara Deacy of Evercam and colleague

In your current role at Evercam, what do you believe are the main factors contributing to customer success, and how do you ensure it throughout the project journey?

At Evercam, customer success depends on a few essential steps. We ensure they have reliable contacts, help them onboard smoothly, and offer consistent support. We start with detailed kick-off calls and keep up the communication to help customers get the most from our features. Our focus is on delivering what we promise and making our platform user-friendly. The goal is to build long-term relationships with our clients by meeting their expectations and adapting to their needs.

Since your relationship with Evercam started as a user. What do you believe distinguishes the Evercam platform in the construction industry?

Evercam stands out in the industry in its high resolution video recording capabilities, allowing customers to document entire projects seamlessly with detailed visibility. We emphasize the user-friendly nature of our platform, ensuring clients can navigate and use all features effectively.

Ariell view of a construction site that Sara Deacy of Evercam has worked on

Can you tell us about a project that stands out in your career?

One of my favourite projects was the development of a new university campus at King’s Cross in London with BAM, in which we were transforming an old railway goods yard while preserving heritage buildings. This experience of witnessing London’s transformation remains a highlight for me.

I’ve also had the privilege to work on diverse projects including a major hospital in Perth, Australia, the Olympic Park and Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, and most recently, the Canterbury Riverside project in Kent with Bouygues, where Evercam cameras were used. Each project brought its own set of challenges and learning opportunities, that have enriched my career.

Ariell view of a construction site that Sara Deacy of Evercam has worked on

Have you made friends with your customers over time?

Absolutely, I’m glad of the strong friendships I’ve built with many of my clients. For example, I met one of our customers and his family while they were on holiday in Folkestone, where I lived at the time. It’s connections like these that enrich my professional experience.

Sara Deacy of Evercam with client that became friends

What current project are you excited to be working on?

I’m particularly excited about the project to build SeAH Wind’s new monopile factory at Teesworks in the North East of the UK. It’s being delivered by our client K2 Construction Management and I have been involved with the project from the very beginning. When completed, it will be the largest monopile factory in the world.

Evercam is capturing the progress of the project using multiple live cameras and weekly drone flights. The scale of the project is impressive, and it’s been a significant part of my daily work since construction began in 2022.

A construction site that Sara Deacy of Evercam has worked on
A construction site that Sara Deacy of Evercam has worked on

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment so far?

There are many, but giving a presentation on environmental management in construction to students at UCL was an incredible experience to share knowledge and experience with the next generation of construction professionals.

Sara Deacy of Evercam and colleagues at construction event

What do you think is key to retaining clients in a competitive field like construction technology?

Listening to what customers want is essential. It’s about offering solutions that truly meet their needs and making sure our team provides excellent service and support throughout the customer’s journey.

How have you grown professionally and personally through your experiences?

I’ve become much more confident, especially in presenting and interacting with clients and colleagues. Working in diverse roles and countries has broadened my perspective and skills significantly.

What are your future goals?

Professionally, I’m happy where I am. I’m focused on settling into my new home country of Spain and learning Spanish right now, which is both a challenge and a goal.

Evercam colleagues in Wicklow, Ireland