The project – which will be Ireland’s tallest commercial building – is becoming a highly visible landmark from a number of vantage points across the city and surrounding areas and its blue-colored steelwork has been developed to reference the distinctive blue color of the cranes in Dublin Port.  

17 storeys of elegance, beauty, and strength, elevated to allow easy movement around it, the development presents an exciting opportunity like no other in Dublin.

Two Evercam cameras are recording the construction progress on site. Stakeholders can stay up to date with a live-view of the project from anywhere. Monthly updated time-lapses help the developer, sales and marketing teams showcase their work.

Review and manage the project remotely & effectively investigate incidents during the construction process are among the other benefits of having Evercam project management cameras on site.

Swipe Left and Right to see a comparison between the construction progress from March 2019 to July 2020.

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