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The expansion of the Oak Trace Senior Living Community marks a milestone in modern senior living facilities in Downers Grove, IL. This project added a new five-story building with a total building area of 325,000 sq. ft.

It encompasses 140 luxury independent living apartments and a community clubhouse. This concludes the multiphase enhancement of the Oak Trace facilities. The project elevates the living standards for seniors by integrating both aesthetic and practical enhancements into the community.

The project focused on creating beautiful living spaces while emphasising functionality and comfort. The new structure includes amenities such as a wellness center, dining venues, and a performing arts center, ensuring a vibrant and engaging environment for residents.

Outdoor spaces with firepits, walking paths, and gardens provide serene environments, enhancing the overall living experience. The completion of this project marks a significant upgrade in the quality of life for Oak Trace Senior Living Community residents.

Oak Trace Senior Living
CGI of Proposed Oak Trace Redevelopment. Source: Oak Trace Senior Living

Why use a time-lapse camera for this project?

Construction cameras were installed at key vantage points around the site to continuously monitor the progress of the building work. This was essential to stringent oversight and ensuring adherence to project timelines and safety regulations. The cameras were used for:

  • Real-Time Progress Monitoring: Live feeds from construction cameras the project managers to oversee the day-to-day operations in real time.
  • Investor Communications: One of the primary uses of the footage from these cameras was to create time-lapse videos that documented the construction progress from start to finish. These videos were invaluable in investor presentations, providing a dynamic and engaging way to demonstrate the project’s advancement and the effective use of funds.

Swipe Left and Right to view the construction progress recorded with Evercam Time-lapse cameras from April 2022 to January 2024.

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The completion of this expansion at Oak Trace Senior Living Community has improved its offerings, making it a more appealing choice for potential residents. The new building not only expands the community’s capacity but also enriches the lives of its residents with modern amenities and beautifully designed living spaces..