BIM Heroes Podcast: #Ep 3- State of Laser Scanning Visual Twin vs Digital Twin

BIM Heroes Podcast: #Ep 3- State of Laser Scanning Visual Twin vs Digital Twin

BIM Heroes Podcast: #Ep 3- State of Laser Scanning Visual Twin vs Digital Twin


In this episode of the BIM Heroes Podcast, host Cody Whitelock, a VDC virtual construction manager at Barnhill Contracting, delves into the dynamic world of laser scanning and reality capture.

Joined by industry experts Kip Ivey, Senior Business Development Manager for Faro Technologies, and Anton Marinovich, Vice President of Sales at Evercam, they explore the evolving landscape of construction technology and its impact on the industry.

Show Highlights:

Understanding Visual Twin and Digital Twin: Explore the distinctions and applications of Visual Twin and Digital Twin platforms, such as HoloBuilder and Evercam. Learn how these platforms visually represent construction site progress and holistic asset management.

The Evolution of Construction Technology: Delve into the transformative journey of technology in the construction industry, highlighting the integration of laser scanning, 360-degree cameras, mobile mapping, and terrestrial LiDAR scanning, and their impact on data capture and utilization.

Unlocking the Power of Fixed Live Feed Cameras: Uncover the potential of fixed live feed cameras beyond traditional security purposes, and how they contribute to comprehensive data fusion, real-time monitoring, incident response, and quality control on construction sites.

Data Fusion for Enhanced Value: Understand the significance of data fusion in construction technology, combining diverse datasets like live feed footage, 360 photos, 3D scans, drone imagery, and BIM models to optimize operations, improve safety, and make informed decisions throughout the project lifecycle.

Harnessing the Power of AI: Explore how artificial intelligence (AI) analyzes reality capture data, detects anomalies, and enhances safety and project efficiency, all while complementing human expertise and optimizing workflows in construction.

The Future of Reality Capture: Envision the future of reality capture technology, emphasizing its integration with AI-driven analytics and other datasets to facilitate efficient planning, reduce errors, and provide invaluable insights into project success and failures.

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